Google Places Twins and Triplets

Is your Google Place page a twin, triplet, or worse?

When was the last time you ran a search for your business on Google Maps?  When you do, how many place page results do you see?  If you have more than one, you have a problem.

Let’s put this topic under the headline of routine online reputation house cleaning. You should run your businesses name in Google at least weekly to ensure that only one Google Place page exists for your company’s name and that you have ownership of it.  You’d be amazed at how many business have twins, triplets or worse for their number of place pages.  The duplicates do nothing to add to your reputation and confuse your prospective clients.  And some have poor reviews to boot!

Here’s an example I found while searching for Chicago area BMW stores on Google:

Additional tip, if you have an automall setup, make sure to run your overall group name as well as your individual store names.  This is the only way to ensure you find all of your store’s duplicate Google Places.

Once you’ve located your duplicate places, First, verify that you control these place pages.  Now, you might be thinking, “how can some else be in control of my place page.”  Well, the truth is, anyone can create a place page and call it anything they’d like.  Google doesn’t seem to make it very difficult to do this.  Instead, they reply on a phone and / or mail verification process to ensure the authenticity of the page.   Click the owner verified listing check mark link and request owner verification.  You will have two options, phone and regular mail.  In my experience, most Google verifies most dealership listings via regular mail.  Be sure to get with your people receiving the mail and have them send you anything with Google’s name on it.  The mail will look like little postcards that say something cute from Google, like, “You’re just one step away…”  When you receive your card(s) go your places dashboard and use the pin number you’ve received to take ownership of the listing.  If it’s a duplicate, suspend the listing.  That’s all there is to it.

Once you’ve gotten your dealership down to one Google Place page, be sure to properly fill out your categories, load up on photos, video, create specials, etc. to really start on your way to Google Places excellent.

Do you have a winning Google Places strategy or Places problem you’d like to share?


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