7 Review Sites you Need to Watch

We all know that the only way to fix a bad reputation is to proactively build a positive reputation.  Clients no longer find you by looking for you in a phone book, they “google” you.  These days, that also means they see what others are saying about you in a very public way.  Run your dealership’s name on Google and you’ll see just how exposed you are to online reviews.

Google Search

7 Must be on top of online reputation reviews sites for automotive dealerships:

Why these 7?  Because these are the most visited by your client as well as linked to from Google searches.  Visit these sites today and run searches for your dealership.  Don’t waste money on expensive review monitoring programs.  Setup a spreadsheet with links to all the reviews sites you find for yourself on the 7 review carriers I’ve listed above.  Visit those links daily and keep track of how many reviews you have as well as your star ratings.  Why spend hundreds of dollars a month on a online reputation monitoring program when you do this yourself in 5 minutes a day for free?  The answer to a poor online reputation for your dealership isn’t spending more money.

What do you do next?  Proactively contact your existing clients and ask them to leave online reviews.  More on that next time.

So, are you going to visit the 7 most important automotive dealership online review locations today and start yourself on the path to a more positive reputation?

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