Contact Manager on iPad, going beyond the Reynolds and Reynolds Solution

Contact Manager, CM, by Reynolds and Reynolds is used widely by automobile dealerships as a specialized automotive CRM.  CM is windows based and will only work correctly in Internet Explorer.  This poses a challenge to user wanting to utilize their dealership’s CRM while mobile.

In order to unchain client advisors and managers from their desks, Reynolds and Reynolds introduced their own App for iPad, called dealerPAD Contact Management.  As you can see from this screen shot of the dealerPAD application, it is not as feature rich as the windows based version of Contact Management.  Instead of including the reporting, email, follow-up management, etc. features, there are only these four functions available:

  1. Client Search
  2. Add Client
  3. Search Inventory
  4. Payment Calculator

Contact Manager's dealerPAD Application
It should be noted that the entire application is not available until an organization has it’s inventory hosted via a third party inventory listing company that requires DMS dial-in to pull your inventory nightly.

In essence, using dealerPAD, there is no way to receive leads, reply to leads, update client lead records, etc.  This poses serious limitations for those that want to work mobile or do not have access to a desktop PC at all times.
But, a solution to the issue possible, by way of an application call OnLive Destop.  I’ve been testing this new applicaton since the enhanced browsing Plus account upgrade came out last month and can tell you that the application appears to deliver fully functional use of Contact Manager on an iPad.  OnLive’s new application will let a user use windows as well as flash on a tablet device.  But the most import feature available on OnLive for Contact Manager users is the ability to use Internet Explorer on your tablet.  This means you can have the complete functionality of Contact Manager by Reynolds and Reynolds on your tablet.  be sure to sign up for the more advanced plan for $4.99 per month.  The free version won’t let you go to all URLs and you’ll need that feature in order to use CM on your tablet.

If you are a Contact Manager by Reynolds and Reynolds user and want to setup your iPad or Android Tablet to let you use CM mobile.  Here’s how to get going!

  1. From your tablet, Visit Onlive Destop’s website and create an account.
  2. Upgrade your account subscription to OnLive Desktop Plus
  3. Use their itunes and Google Play links to install the application
  4. Open the application and use the login you created in step one

Once you’re logged in, here’s what you should be looking at:

Onive Desktop for iPad

Looks like a normal windows homescreen, right?  Exactly.  From here, just tab the Internet Explorer tab to get started.  Next, from the IE address bar, enter the URL for CM: and login as usual.  Please note that OnLive uses it’s own onscreen keyboard layout, which is different form the native one.  You will see an icon for that keyboard on the bottom of your screen at all times.
Now, just login into CM like you normally would and you’ll be looking at the CM native homepage.  All normal functions will be available to you:

Contact Manager homescreen on an iPad via OnLive Destop

For those wondering if reporting, email, etc. works because of the pop-ups CM user… yes, they do:

CM Reporting from an iPad

If you use Contact Manager in your dealership and decide to give OnLive a try, let me know about your experience.  If you’ve found something better for using CM mobile, definitely let me know!


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