Email is Ruining Your Closing Ratio.

You’ve got a fancy CRM and you’ve recently invested in your own business development center, so why is your internet lead closing ratio still not growing?  Dig into your CRM and you’ll find the answer is most likely an over reliance on email or worse… a complete reliance on it.

Let’s face it, BDC staff and client advisors succumb to the desire to take the path of least resistance when it comes to responding to your leads.  If there’s a phone number and an email address, they will want to email the client before calling them.  Why?  Because they fear rejection and verbal rejection is second only in sales people’s fears to in-person rejection.
Even if you’re BDC / sales staff calls each lead, they are most likely also emailing them.  Why is this bad?  It’s bad because if you reach a client by phone (not leave a voicemail or speak to a family member… really speak to potential buyer) there is no reason to switch from a verbal communication format to an email one.   Doing so only complicates the follow up and gives them an easier path to slow their buying process down.  Here’s an example:  You receive a lead that includes both a phone number and an email address.  Call the client before emailing them.  If you reach them on the phone, only two results will happen… you will set an appointment or you won’t.  If you set an appointment, you should do nothing additional and simply let the client visit for their appointment.  Sending them an email at that point will just give them a way to cancel their appointment in a very impersonal way.

Phone first.  It’s as simple as that… and if you reach a potential client by phone, never switch to email unless they expressly ask you to.
What’s your phone vs. email lead handling process?  Do you always call first?

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