Why El Salvador?

I’m often asked, “Why El Salvador? Why do missions teams go there?”
The answer is, to experience the transformative power of faith.
Mother Theresa once said that the poor are Jesus in disguise and I realize the depth of this statement each time I participate in a mission to El Salvador.  Being in a different culture, far from Apex, offers a transformative experience like no other.  It’s there that you learn it’s possible to be economically poor, yet possess a wealth of faith and love that is unrivaled.  How fitting it is that El Salvador’s name literally translates as “The Savior.”  Though its people have experienced war, natural disasters, poverty and more… their faith and love for Christ is unparalleled.
Many people believe they are not equipped to go on a foreign mission trip so they never take that step to give more of themselves, and in doing so miss an amazing opportunity. What they do not realize is that all it takes is a willing heart. By stepping out and participating in a mission trip you experience love in ways you never thought possible. These missions give you a perspective that cannot be understood by staying at home. Jesus told us to go into the world and preach the good news to all of creation.  I believe Jesus told us to go because he knew that in the process of helping others, we would be changed as well.
What participants have shared after experiencing the El Salvador Mission:
One day on the work site, a Salvadorian teenage girl had on a pretty cross necklace and one of the American teenagers complimented her on it.  The Salvadorian girl immediately took it off and gave it to the American… she actually insisted the American take it.  It’s the generosity of spirit in the face of poverty that affects me every single time I go.
The children enjoy life so much, but yet have so little.
I always feel touched by the gratitude we receive from them and I always feel like we have built a special bond with the people there.
I see Jesus in the smiles of the children.
The Salvadorians not only work with us, they insist on sharing what little they have and make us feel so welcomed and loved.

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