LinkedIn Cannot be Ignored.

It was only two years ago that LinkedIn announced that the site had amassed 100 million professionals.  Now, less than two years later, LinkedIn has doubled in size and is now 200,000 million members strong.  It should also be stated that they have now spread into 200 countries and 19 languages.  No small feat for a site that was once thought to be only a B2B networking group.

LinkedIn Reaches 200 Million Users







Still not paying attention to LinkedIn?  Haven’t updated your profile to max out the new options available there?  Still thinking having no photo of yourself there is a good idea?  You’d be amazed at how many prospective clients and colleagues are using LinkedIn to learn more about you.  Consider taking the time to show them who they should be working with and why.

See the full press release from LinkedIn here.


Image courtesy of LinkedIn’s blog.

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