Building Dashboards for Google Analytics Data using Scripts

A very useful walk through of how to use a Google spreadsheet and their Apps Script to set up near limitless dashboard configurations of your Google Analytics data.  They even had the forthought to all you to look up an analytics profile via the “Find Profile?IDs” menu choice on the Google Analytcis menu.

You’ll have to hit the pause button a couple of times to allow you time to take a breath and copy what he’s doing, but this is truly good stuff.  One explanatory note, if you try to search the script gallery the way he does, you won’t find the right one.  There’s a lot of chatter in the video comments about that.  To solve this problem, paste this in the search gallery window when you get there:

Google Analytics Report Automation (magic)

Then you’ll be good to go!

Check out the complete walk through here, courtesy of the Google Analytics team:

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