Mission Moment | El Salvador 2013
Jamie Stockman

God’s power changes lives and he shows that power both near and far from Apex.
Each summer, Apex United Methodist Church works in partnership with United Methodist Volunteers in Mission, Salvadorian Mission Projects, and the Methodist Church of El Salvador. A team of volunteers is sent on an experience of transformation, both for the communities they work in, as well as the volunteers themselves.

During the six years I’ve traveled to Ahuachapán, El Salvador, I’ve been blessed to participate with many people from AUMC and it’s family of faith communities on a wide range of projects. Things like: building homes for people who have spent most of their lives living under tarps with nothing but dirt as their floor, constructing classrooms so that a church can qualify as a school for families that cannot afford their child’s education, and even distributing food to families in need. But, recipients of these blessings don’t just receive much needed shelter or food for their families. As result of programs like these, each of the people affected also receive a tangible symbol of the faithfulness and unconditional love of Jesus Christ.

Rich Mullins once said to “Let love be the strength in your legs and in every footprint that you leave there’ll be a drop of grace.” I believe that in El Salvador, with every batch of concrete that is mixed, every cement block that is set in place, and every bag of food that is given out, a little drop of grace is left behind… and that the faces of those affected are truly the face of God. In all of this, we not only gain perspective on the needs of others far from our home; but better still is the fact that the people who are served better understand God’s plan for their lives and his deep desire to care for their needs. For His love knows no borders, the world itself is His church, and He seeks to care for all of His children.

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