Reynolds & Reynolds Contact Manager lead counting in mutiple franchise car dealerships

Contact Manager, by Reynolds and Reynolds can be challenging to use for reporting purposes in multiple franchise stores.  This is chiefly because Contact Management lacks reporting ability by make and even new versus used, when also wanting to report for lead source.  In a multiple franchise dealership that relies on Contact Manager for its CRM, the impact of this is multiplied when setting up reporting.  As anyone in internet lead management knows, not knowing lead volume, closure rates, etc. by source is the marketing equivalent of flying blind, while holding out a blank checkbook for your lead vendors to use.  You simply can’t know what’s working or not without knowing the lead closure data by source.

Tired of having this issue?  Here’s how to solve it.  One caveat before we begin.  Contact Manager data campaigns are uses, data export, Excel, and pivot table use, but it’s easier than you’d think and I’m going to show each step needed.

Here we go.

Begin by logging into your CM account

Contact Management Homescreen







Once in Contact Manager, you’ll need to access the Campaigns tab.  If you have correct access to it, you will see this:

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 4.20.38 PM




Select Client Collection on the left side menu and you’ll enter the wonderful world of Contact Management data campaigns.  Yes, you are reading sarcasm in my last statement, but if it’s what you have to work with, this will help you report in ways Reynolds itself hasn’t built into it’s own reporting tool.

Now that you’re in Client Collection, you’ll need to add a new collection by using the Add button you see second from the left in the center of your screen.  A dialogue box will open, then you can easily select the default Contact Type, name the collection anything you’d like (I like to use * or @ in front of inportant collections so they appear in the top of my collections list, since Reynolds has no folder feature for collections… have a previously mentioned that Contact Management isn’t friendly to multiple franchise dealers?  Moving on… Once you save your collection name, you’ll need to actually build the collection.  No worries.  I have a nice cheat sheet for you right here.

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 4.21.19 PM










Notice that the example I’ve used above would be for a BMW store.  You will have to build one collection for each brand you want to on if you want to keep things easy.  Pay careful attention to the Comparison column.  That is where most errors using this tool are made.  I have included some needed omits for certain prospect types, status’ & sources, in case you have a need to know how to exclude any of these in reporting you do.

Note:  For more advanced folks reading this, you could just build one collection and include the make name as part of your export file.  That and the details I’m going to give you on pivot tables will let you use all of that to run a wide variety of data reporting variants.

Try to keep the collection data expressions running like I’ve illustrated, so that things can go smoothly for you.  Reynolds Contact Management campaigns run in a stack order.  Going from broad to specific is good form and by leaving the dates included at the bottom, you can easily edit them to new months as needed, or whatever time frames you need to report on.  I actually build daily, weekly, monthly variations for all brands, then I’m good to go for whatever the particular management need it.

After saving your collection, but a check in the box for it on the Client Collect screen that comes up next and click export, third from the right on the center screen menu.

Here’s a sample export screen, but by all means, include as little or as much data columns as you are comfortable with.  As you get use to making these, you fill find just a few export with lots of data columns are easy to work with, using pivot table to extract just what you need.  For purposes of our discussion today though, be sure to include at least prospect Source in the export!

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 4.24.44 PM







After making your choices from the dozens of available options and hitting Export, you will then have to wait.  The wait time varies by load on the Reynolds system at the time and the complexity of what you asked for, but in general, five minutes or less.  Go on over to your Customer tab and then your Inbox to see your results link.  Yes, I said link.  This is a data export link, not the actual data shown in Reynolds.  Regardless, click the link, choose the save option.

Contact Management System Messages




Next, use MS Excel to open the file.  No worries if it looks scary at this  point.  Pivot tabling will solve all that next.  From your ribbon bar menu at the top, select the Data tab, then Pivot Table.  Here’s what it looks like:

Contact Management pivot table



Go ahead and use the Create Automatic Pivot Table option.  We’ll be customizing it in just a second.  After making these last selections, Excel will open a big dialogue box, but we’ll only be using part of it for our discussion here.

Excel pivot table display









What I’ve shown above is the exact dialogue box setup to produce the volume of leads by source for you in a second,a s well as what that setup will show you.  Just check the box for prospect source box in the top part, then drag the highlighted area I’ve shown for Prospect Source above into both the Row Labels and the Values sections of the dialogue box.  Then, sit back and smile.  All that’s left to do it hit print and impress the management at your new marketing meeting.  if the’ve been trying to use Reynolds Contact Management to report lead source volume across multiple makes, using a single Contact Management account, they won’t know hoe you did it.

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