Reynolds Contact Manager on other browsers?

Since Spring of 2013, I’ve been seeing this advertisement for a “new” Contact Manger, by Reynolds & Reynolds.  They look like this (on the right of the sign-in screen):



The only change they’ve made to this announcement in over a year is the edit from “coming soon” to ” See a sneak peak.”  The new phrase sounds suspiciously like they don’t have an actual release timeframe.

The reason for my interest in this topic is a page that lies inside the sneak peek that states the new version will be accessible through any browser:

Contact Manager on all browsersOnly time will tell if this becomes a reality.  Until then, I’ve set up a few work-arounds for this lack of, shall we say, robust utility from Reynolds.

If you prefer to work on Mac / Safari, you have long been out of luck, but there is a solution.  For not very much money, you can install a virtual PC application, install a basic (or even old) version of windows, and you’re on your way.  If your thinking… wait, I can do that from Bootcamp, yes… you can, but it’s not fast and forces you to go into and out of boot up to do it.  A better solution is to have a windows PC running in a virtual PC while your Mac runs, well, as a MAC.

Download VM FusionWare here.  An check back for my next post on Setting up a virtual PC to use Reynolds Contact Manager on your Mac inside of.


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