I’ll put your inventory on the first page of Google


“I’ll get your inventory on the first page of google.” Don’t ever tell a digital marketing manager that. Google is about relevancy, and connecting a person that is searching for something with what they were searching for, as quickly and accurately as possible. That’s all there is to it. There’s no secret, no special pay some money and a company will get you to a top Google result quickly. Anyone that tries to get you to pay them to do that for you is just trying to take your money.

I’m sorry… I just had to get that out. I hear that pitch at too many meetings not to have it drive me crazy sometimes. Do you know what the real key to having your inventory, vehicle display pages, specials, etc. pages appear on Google ahead of your competitors is? The answer is hard work. Hard work creating content that is highly relevant to what your clients are looking for and much more relevant than your competitors. If you consistently deliver highly relevant content and you do that better than your competition, the traffic will come to you. it’s that simple.

The next time someone tells you they can get your cars on Google as a page one result in your market, ask them how. No matter what they pitch you next, follow it up by asking them how their product is going to deliver highly relevant content at a pace and volume that’s better than your competition. Ask them if they even know who you’re clients are, what they are looking for, and who your competitors are. Do this and then watch how silent they become in the meeting. Then, stop wasting your time talking to them and go start creating more content your clients are looking for.

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