Is Apple CarPlay a Big Deal?

Apple Car Play

During Apple’s Spring Forward event yesterday, CarPlay was only briefly mentioned by Tim Cook, but it’s implications are actually far reaching. Why do I think this? Have you looked at the user interface the car your driving has now? I’m talking about how you adjust your A/C, how you navigated radio selections or digital music, basically every way you interact with your car or request things of it, outside of the car actually getting you from point A to point B. It doesn’t matter if you drive a Honda or a Mercedes, car user interface systems are pretty awful.

CarPlay is actually about bringing iOS into a car. Why does the phone you have in your pocket have such a perfect operating system as well as personalized functionality and your $30,000 car doesn’t? That’s because car makers don’t know anything about user interface systems and only put them in as an afterthought. A company like Apple lives and dies on it’s operating system as well as it’s devices. That’s why iOS is honed so perfectly and constantly updated. Imagine that level of ingenuity brought to your car. That’s what CarPlay really is.

Apple will soon have a totally new market segment, mobile iOS in automobiles. That will put iOS in millions more devices and allow Apple to more fully offer its suite of products and services to users they currently don’t have connected to one of their devices. iTunes on your car radio, movies for your kids to rent or download to begin viewing in the backseat of your car, then finish viewing later on an Apple device or your TV, you get the idea.

CarPlay is a big deal and most people don’t really even see it coming. Apple announced yesterday that it will be in 40 different automobile models in 2015 alone. I’ll bet in 2016, that number will be in the hundreds.

Let me know what you think! Is CarPlay a big deal?

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