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Should I respond to every review I receive on Google, Yelp,, etc?
Recently, I’ve been getting feedback from large auto retailers that they want online reviews replied to in a public way, so that not only the reviewer knows they read the feedback, but also that they take the time to work with unhappy clients. All of this is an excellent thing. I’ve coached dealers to respond to negative reviews with original, compassionate, and timely responses that illicit client interaction and the defusing of negative feelings about a client’s relationship and interaction with the dealer. What has changed in the last half a year or so is that retailers are now telling me they want response to all reviews, positive as well as negative reviews. This seems like a logical next step, I mean, if responding to negative reviews is a good thing, then maybe responding to positive reviews and even more of a good thing. But, is this necessarily the case?

To time out if responding to all reviews, good and bad, is a wise decision (as well as why I think so) I’ve begun an experiment. For one month, I’m responding to every review that arrives at one of my dealers’ online review pages. Every single one of them: Google+, Facebook, Yelp,… everything possible. I’me going to do this for the Entire month of April, 2015 and report on how it goes. What I write content-wise for the good vs. the bad and how I think it goes. I’ll keep this post updated and let you know how I think it goes.

In the meantime, I’d love some feedback about whether you think responding to all reviews, good & bad, is a good idea or not. Let me know what you think!

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