Clash of Clans TH8 to TH9 Transition & War Problems

Way back in December of last year, I finally made the move from a max TH8 base (max troops, walls, & defenses) up to a brand new zero experience TH9.

Here’s what I looked like back then:

TH8 Max

For more on how I started and then moved through my upgrades in TH9, see that story here.

When I left TH8, I thought being a TH9 would be awesome. New troops, new defensive toys, more fun farming with extra troops, etc. it was… but, and here the big but… war got exponentially harder. I finished TH8 able to three star pretty much any TH8 opponent. You know how that feels? It feels awesome. You can contribute to your clan by racking up war stars and you clean up on the war bonus loot. I was also in the unique position of being the first person in the clan I was in to make the move to TH9, so others would definitely be looking forward to my donations.

Once I got to TH9, I realized that farming not only gets a whole lot harder and the cost of literally everything goes up, but war? Well war pretty much sucks when you start TH9. It sucks even more when you’re the only TH9 in your clan because you literally have to hit the number 1 base every war. There’s no “oops” it’s all on you. You even get matched up to low TH10’s occasionally as well. How to survive this and learn to be better in war? Learn the GoWiWi. With just a little practice, you’ll be two starring most TH9 bases. With even more practice, you’ll three star almost all TH9 bases.

Here’s the composition I used:
3 Golems
11 Wall Breakers
-The rest wizards
-All wizards in the CC
(2) Rage, (2) Heal

Attack from whatever side is closest to the AQ. You can call it CB, Cold Blooded, Shattered, whatever you want to call it… just make sure you enter from the opponent’s archer queen side.
How to do it:
Drop all three Golems on the AQ side. One in the middle, then one halfway out to the left and the other halfway out to the right. Like a very loose line (several inches apart on an iPad let’s say)
Move very fast and quickly drop all your wizards (not your CC ones though) along the entire wall line. Do this from the outside in. Use two fingers to make it smooth and fast.
Immediately double finger drop two lines of bombers + & – a couple of inches from the center point of the side.
If you done tis right so far, the Golems will be lined up on the wall, the wizards will be shooting over the wall now and the bombers will blow at least one opening for your troops to enter.
Drop your heroes into one of the holes (BK, then AQ)
Wait until their AQ and if possible, the enemy CC, to engage your front troops. When this happens, drop a rage and a heal that not only covers the area of engagement, but also overlaps into the core.
While the screen lights up and flashes go off everywhere, quickly drop your CC wizards into one of your entry points to back everyone up. From here on in, it’s just a matter of rage / heal when appropriate (like if the core give you problems). Once you learn the technique, it’s not really that hard. Just steps to follow & repeat. As you practice in wars, try switching a wizard or two for minions to help with back-end clean up at the end when the time is running out and your AQ is shooting at walls instead of winning the base for you… because that’s what she does at the end of war attacks, shoot at walls (please SuperCell, in the name of all that is holy, fix this.)

BTW, this is what I currently look like after 6 months of farming & waring at TH9. Really enjoying all of TH9 now!
TH9 Maxed

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