Maxing Lava Walls

Going for Lavas

Walls. Why max walls? For the same reason people climb Everest, because it’s there.
Plus, it really is the sign of a true farmer in this game (at least in my opinion). High wall levels also really sets you apart from most players. Nothing says, “damn, I don’t want to attack that thing” like lava shooting out of your walls in a clockwise pattern every few seconds, right?

So, how to you get great, awesomely glowing walls fast? Well, that depends on what you mean by “fast.” I finished TH8 in December of 2014. All walls to level 8 or “Skulls.” One of the first things that happened to me at TH9 was that a lot of the building times were really, really long. I was participating in wars once per week and really spending most of my time waiting for things to finish. Five builders busy and nothing to do, so I decided to hold back one builder and work on Level 9 walls or “Legos.” Getting 250 legos completed at a quarter-billion in resources took from mid-January through early March. During that time, I had finished all of the defensive upgrades in TH9 and was really only hunting DE for heroes and Dark Troop upgrades. Somewhere around this time, I listened to a Podcast by Rigoletto that featured an interview with a guy who’s in game name is RoadtoMaxWalls. No kidding. Well, turns out, he sounded just like me up to that point in the game and really was pretty close to maxing out his walls for his then TH9 base. From that point on, I had to have max walls, so I started Lavas.

$3,000,000 per wall x 250 walls. $750 million in resources, but man do they look nice! Of course, I’m not actually done with them. As of when I write this, I have 58 Legos to replace with Lavas, but with a little more focus on them, I’m shooing for having them done by July 4th.

How to earn loot for walls fast? Well, really it’s pretty simple, BAM: Barbarians, Archers, & Minions. Fill two barracks with Barbs, two with archers, and both dark barracks with minions. be sure not to use the minions unless you really need them to swoop in for deep storages. You’ll find that if you’re looting efficiently, you really won’t need them much. Don’t forget that you should have your AQ on hand whenever possible to back you up as well. Use the barbs as shields and to plow through walls while the archers shoot over them and drain the storages. Spells? All rage, but only use when you absolutely need to. Trophies? Forget about them. This is farming, not trophy pushing. That’s a whole other part of the game.

What about the 14 minutes it takes to build a BAM army? Shush… there’s a secret here… It doesn’t really take that long. And, no, I’m not talking about boosting. That’s wasting your gems. Always cue full barracks before you go into a raid. While you raid, more troops are being made. By the time you finishing finding and emptying a base of it’s resources, you’ll have about 50-70 troops ready to go. What to do? don’t wait for the full load to be ready. As soon as you have 150 troops, max your cues and go right back in. Farming this way is very efficient and you’d build up resources fast!

Give it a try and let me know if the wall itch grabs you.

High GG & EE

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