Jason’s Deck, Day 1

So i recently switched to the “Jason Deck” and there’s been a bit a learning curve. That being said, it’s now my go-to deck and I’m finally settling into the 1800s now.

Jason Deck

The learning curve seems to rally be when to hold back and when to make the push, as well as what combo to push with. What I love about this deck is the flexibility of the defense and the push. If the opponent starts a push, I will drop archers or spear goblins at the very back, so I have time to max my elixir before they can even push to the river. If their push is pretty light weight, I will throw my push immediately down in the opposite lane knowing they won’t be able to counter strong for a while. Once my push is made, I will they start to back up the defensive units I dropped earlier. This seems to work best with this deck.

Example, if the game starts and I have Barbs, Giant, & Hog all in my initial deck, I will drop a small elixir troop of some kind in one lane and if the opponent bites toe bait and starts a heavily defense and push in that lane, then I will drop barbs at the river immediately, then giant in the center of the barbs. If timed right, the barbs will charge slightly out ahead of the giant and by the time they all hit the tower, the hog will be cycled up and ready to send in for the kill. The opponent will be typically caught really off guard and elixir poor. If so, they will counter with minion hoard or some other ground troop. All I have to do is drop the arrows if they do this.

The challenges I have with this deck come if the opponent uses a decks with wizard, Sparkey, or come Valk, giant combo. These cause me trouble so far because I wind up trying to defend for long periods of the match and I don’t have a defense rich deck with the Jason Deck, so I typically lose or Draw, simply because I run out of time and can’t get my full push deployed.

Continuing to play with the deck, but liking it so far.

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